I run one day jewellery silversmithing workshops in a friendly, safe and relaxed atmosphere. Students will learn to create beautiful contemporary jewellery using sterling silver. With a flexible teaching style student achievements are always higher than expected! Class sizes are an average 6 to 8 students.

Due to popular demand I have set up the workshops so that they are suitable for all beginners, students with experience can attend too. Students can join a workshop without the worry of needing any previous skills, and can still make two items of jewellery to take home from each 1 day workshop.

The workshops are also flexible and can cater for at all student types:

  • those that want to come for the day and make jewellery to take home
  • those just starting out and want to “have a go”
  • those that want to develop their skills

For all workshops please tie long hair back, wear sturdy shoes/trainers and no loose jewellery around the wrists. Don’t forget to bring an apron and bring your lunch too!


Jewellery making workshop

Group Workshops held at The Potters Barn, Roughwood Lane, Hassall Green, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11

4XX. For further information contact Andy Pollard or Steve Marr on 01270 884080 or email or visit book direct with the Potters Barn. All workshops are £125 per person per workshop (Bangles workshop is £160 due to the extra silver).This includes your sterling silver, enough to make two pieces of jewellery. A £50 deposit secures your place.

Workshop dates at the Potters Barn:

  • Saturday 23rd July 2022 – Beautiful Bangles
  • Saturday 8th October – Stacking Rings
  • More dates continually added!


Elegant Earrings

During this workshop you will learn how to design and form your own earrings using several different techniques. You will also learn how to make your own ear wires. You may also learn how to make stud earrings. All material and equipment will be provided.

Stacking Rings

Here we start to learn the basics of ring making including finger sizing, soldering, filing and polishing. You will learn how to use a jewellers saw, planishing hammer and ring mandrel. All materials and equipment will be provided.

Beautiful Bangles

On this workshop you will learn to make a bangle using sterling silver. Using traditional silversmithing techniques you will learn basic techniques of soldering, filing and polishing along with using stakes and mandrels for shaping, hammers for texturing and sawing.

Shape and Form

During this workshop you will be learning the properties of sterling silver and how we can alter its shape using hammers, silversmithing stakes, mandrels and doming blocks. Students will learn will cover all the basic techniques of soldering, filing, drilling, sawing and polishing.

Twisitng wire
Twisting wire
Doming block and punch
Doming a pendant
Jewellery workshop
Jewellery workshop
jewellery workshop
Students own work
Silver jewellery workshop
Students own work
Silver jewellery workshop
Students own work

Rings and Things

This workshop teaches you how to make silver rings using traditional silversmithing techniques. Basic skills on finger measuring and ring sizing will be taught. Students will study various designs using sterling silver in sheet and wire form. You will also learn basic techniques such as soldering, filing, drilling, sawing and polishing.

Ring making
Ring forming
How to saw
Learning to Saw
Ring making
Ring in process
Students work
Students own work
Ring workshop
Students own work
Students rings
Students work

Exploring Textures

Here students will learn how to produce different textures using various tools such as hammers, punches and stamps. You will learn reticulation and granulation techniques too to create fabulous pieces of silver jewellery. You will also learn basic techniques such as soldering, filing, drilling, sawing and polishing.

Learning to solder
Filing work
Polishing jewellery
Hammered work
Textured jewellery
Students own work
Exploring textures
Students own work