Weddings are one of the most memorable occasions of a person’s life so why not have some memorable jewellery to go with it! I can make your engagement ring, wedding rings and all your wedding day accessories.
Your wedding ring can be made to match or fit round a tricky designed engagement ring. Many normal wedding bands rub against the claws that hold your precious diamond in your engagement ring, in time the rubbing will damage the claw and your diamond may fall out when your not expecting it too! A bespoke wedding ring is the answer!

I can also make bespoke tiaras, matching jewellery and keepsakes for the Maid of Honour and bridesmaids. Let’s not forget the Bridegroom and Best Man with smart cufflinks too. All my pieces of jewellery are handcrafted and you can commission me to design your bespoke pieces to complement your weddings theme.

Just Some of My Wedding Commissions

wedding rings
Matching designs
Gold wedding ring
Gold wedding ring
silver wedding rings
Matching rings
Diamond engagement
gold wedding ring
Two tone band
Diamond ring
Diamond ring
18ct white gold set
Wedding ring set
handcrafted comb
Silver hair comb
Silver tie pins
Thistle Tie pins
Wedding Rings
Matching rings
Wedding rings
Yellow and white gold
White gold










Make your own Wedding Rings Workshop!

Couples you can come along and make your own wedding rings! You and your partner can come along and make your own rings under my guidance in my fully equipped home workshop.You can either make your own or you can make your partners and your partner can make yours, this is what most couples do! I can source the metals for you or you can bring along your own gold, or old jewellery that can be melted down. This is fabulous day and a very memorable one too!

Both of you will be taken through the whole design process to ensure that your rings look the way you want them too. We will consider any other rings that you wear. We will measure your fingers to ensure we have the perfect fit and then go through the whole process of making the rings from scratch!

Once you have made your rings they will be polished to perfection. They will then be sent away to the Birmingham Assay Office for Hallmarking. Photographs will be taken throughout the making of the rings so that you have a record of this lovely day.

For more information about commissioning a piece of wedding jewellery or attending a wedding ring workshop then please get in touch via my contact page or telephone 01244 567012.

Wedding ring workshop
Equipped workshop
handcrafted wedding rings
Finished rings






Wedding ring courses
End of day
yellow gold rings
Handcrafted rings
Wedding ring workshops
A special day
9ct gold rings
Rose gold rings






ring making
Workshop day
Handcrafted wedding rings
Sterling silver rings
Wedding ring workshop
A very happy couple
Wedding ring workshop
Just made!






Weddings – Engagement Ring Commissions

Here is a sequence of images showing the making of a 9ct White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring. Fully commissioned by the client this beautiful diamond engagement ring is very contemporary in style.

Ring making process
1. Basic materials
Ring making
2. Filed and annealed
Shaping of ring
3. Ring shaped
Collet making
4. Sizing the collet






Tapering the setting
5.Tapering the setting
6.Soldering of ring
6.Soldering the setting
Diamond setting
7. Diamond chosen
Setting a diamond
8. Diamond being set
polished ring
9. Polished ring